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the lockdown log 7

So far the day goes well. Thursdays I have off from my part time job and so I, being an early riser, get on with more personal projects. This morning I have written a new page for the companion blog to this one and saved the draft for reviewing later and been out for my essential chores trip. Read more…

the lockdown log 6

Not quite nine o’clock and I have been working for about three and a half hours now, including a quick trip to my local Waitrose for a fix on some of the things we have not enjoyed for about two months. It has been a productive morning so far. Read more…

missing in action

It has been an interesting year to be sure: We have seen political upheaval here in the UK (and we’re not done yet thanks to the red team), watched the fun and games over in my second home in the USA and through it all I seem to have not found much time to keep my blogging here that regular. Read more…

travelling in hope – scheduled posts coming up for the next two weeks

I’m off on my travels again later today heading off to work for a week and a bit on what is, at least for me, another new continent. I’ve written recently about how British expertise is in demand around and this will be my third new continent in 5 months so you can see what I mean. Read more…

holiday humour – could I have sobotaged the Aztecs

TCB checked his tie in the mirror and smoothed down his suit. “You’ll do” the Berkshire Belle told him from the bed where she lay reading the morning paper, adding “It says here that the price of chocolate will be important to you today”. He grinned, “Probably means I’ll fancy a Kit-Kat for the train, but won’t pay rip off Britain prices at the station”. Read more…

mid week musings on blogging and plans for this site

I am in the process of taking a look at how this blog should work and to reduce the amount of time that I spend each week on keeping this and its companion web site running smoothly. Read more…

Weekend Musings on Change

It is a while now since Monday Musings settled into its current format and I would like to make some changes. As yet I’ve not entirely decided what these should be, but what follows is the way that I am thinking.

The 600 words every Monday at 0600 UTC was a challenge that I was happy to meet. Over the years that I have been hitting that target I have written in a variety of styles and on a range of topics. Musings was intended to be a vehicle for serious topics even if I do get them over with a periodic use of humour, but the 600 words once a week has become something of a constraint, or at least from time to time it has.

I will keep the Monday column going though, simply because it is a good discipline and one that I find very useful in terms of business writing. Six hundred words in a standard font and size is a single sheet of A4 paper, and being able to set out an idea on a single side of paper is something that anyone in business should be able to do.

But when I wrote I Don’t Have My Decision Making Trousers On, the old Musings posts that I incorporated into that book all benefitted from being re-written with the freedom of however many words it took. In some cases they were improved by condensing them, but in most cases they came out a little longer. The 600 limit also precludes some of the stories that I have wanted to tell and a few of those drafts that I had stored away found their way into “Trousers”.

So what I have in mind is to keep my 600 word format musings coming through on Mondays, but to be able to bring in anything else that crosses my mind as and when it does. That leads to the second change, and this is also something that I’ve not yet decided on, but I will change the name of the blog. Monday Musings was somewhat un-original; there are many blogs with that title, but so far every alternative that I can come up with is also either in use or too close to someone else’s pride and joy for me to want to muscle in.

The change of name will therefore come when I get that spark of inspiration to find a new name for it; there is no hurry.

So it is business as usual, but with a gradual change over the coming weeks. Thanks to all who read what I write here, and another thanks to those who leave a comment, Tweet the blog or talk to me about things that I have written when we run in to each other.

thursday news from monday musings

A rare mid-week post, but I have a couple of pieces of news to broadcast.

First off I had some kind feedback on last year’s Christmas Story and so I am working on a couple of humorous posts again for the next two, maybe three, Monday Musing columns and the first of these is already scheduled ready to run.

The other piece of news is that, having become aware that I need to prune the archives here to maintain space I have put together a collection of the older posts that seem to generate repeat traffic and added a lot of new and original material to be published as an e-book. The completed volume is with Amazon at the moment and will be exclusively available via Kindle to begin with. If you don’t own a Kindle, then  Kindle for PC can be downloaded from the Amazon site at no cost. Click here to buy the book from Amazon.

I Don't Have My Decision Making Trousers On

As 2011 runs out I’d like to thank all those who have followed my blog(s) and supported my efforts over the year. Seasonal greeting to all and best wishes for a good 2012.

what goes where

I started this blog with no clear idea of what I was doing. Social networking was new to me and I just wanted to get started.

Today I’ve put into place the thoughts that have been coming together thanks to the input of others around cyberspace that have helped me.

This blog will now become my area for blogging thoughts on leadership and team building together with sharing my own experiences so that others can, I hope, benefit from my failures and successes.

John J Bowen’s blog will take the more random thoughts that I sometimes come up with and be a bit more of a personal blog.

Gulfhaven News will blog updates from my primary business identity.

Links to the other blogs are over on the right of this blog page and, when I’ve worked through the mill later today all three blogs will have links to each other and my various web sites.

You’ll also find links here on this page to some of the other business sites and blogs that I find useful.

Thanks for dropping by, or following me, and I’ll try and keep it interesting and relevant. Let me know what you think.