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an FM Christmas Carol

This public holiday’s attempt at a little humour sees a stab at a Christmas carol for those of us in the FM world. You should know the tune, so feel free to add your own verses: Read more…


holiday humour for Easter as ThatConsultantBloke gets into another scrape

There’s no such thing as a free lunch they say, but then they also say never look a gift horse in the mouth. My problem was that I’d listened to the wrong bunch when the man offered me this gig, but there is no point in crying over spilt milk: that’s another thing that people will tell you, although those tend to be milkmen trying to sell you a new bottle. Read more…

Holiday humour on the origins of FM

Dateline August 31st 2415

Data-archaeologists today unveiled new evidence into the origins of Facilities Management (FM). Whilst for nearly three centuries the discipline of FM has been the core of governance and commerce throughout the civilised world little has been known of its origins, but evidence gleaned from the period between 400 and 450 years ago may offer some insights. Read more…


Lift Etiquette

I wrote recently in my diary column about lift etiquette in other countries and one or two people have asked me what I meant. Read more…


Holiday Humour in the Office – The Case of the Missing Desk

Bathchair Theatre presents:

 The Case of the Missing Desk

 (a radio script)




Inspector Carpark, hardbitten, seen it all detective

DS Mills, Carpark’s sidekick

Alice Late, Marketing Director

Bob Down, HR Manager

Anon, Facilities Manager Read more…


The return of International Rescue? Maybe not…

Despite the chill of the early Spring day John could feel a bead or two of sweat on his brow as he approached the hotel. He was already beginning to regret having walked to Park Lane from Paddington, but a stroll through to the park had seemed like a good way to fix his mind on what he had to do. Read more…


holiday humour with a hint of piracy

With the last public holiday before Christmas comes the opportunity to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day a little early, and hopefully this will get you into the swing of things for September 19th. Read more…