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what’s facilities management when it’s at home?

“What’s facilities maintenance when its’s at home?” The question jolted me out of my reverie as I heard it from the person sat in front of me on the ‘bus. Their companion had no answer and I was not inclined to answer, but it took me back a good few years. Read more…


musings on competition from cheerleaders to infinity

A bit of a mixed bag of threads this morning, but often in life, professional and personal you will find that many roads will lead you to the same place. Read more…

musings on crisis management and the Ebola virus in the USA

October 20, 2014 1 comment

I have been following the Ebola issue rather closely, or should I say it has been following me for here in the USA you can’t escape coverage of it.  Read more…


what’s in a name?

A recent high profile re-brand has caused a bit of a flutter in the industry concerned, so with people talking about it, it must have worked, yes? Read more…


musings on poor procurement and management on the soccer front

Although I am not a close follower of football these days, the nonsense of making a stadium all seater in the interests of safety and then allowing everyone to stand up is enough to put me off, and then there are those ridiculous shorts! But I do keep a passing interest, and a couple of things caught my attention last week. Read more…


facilities managers to save the nation! holiday humour from MondayMusings

Easter Monday began dull and grey, the dawn seeming to be unable to cope with the clocks wanting daylight an hour earlier. TCB was up and about feeding the cats and making tea for himself and the Berkshire Belle and looking forward to watching the motor racing from Brands Hatch that he had recorded the previous day. He’d switched on the TV as the kettle came to the boil, but it seemed that, rather than the news, there was a special broadcast to the nation by the Prime Minister on all channels. Read more…


let’s stop using power words in CVs and bid documents

January 21, 2013 1 comment

Last week I got involved in a cyber-debate about the overuse of power words, in this case about their use in CVs, but the principle applies more widely. I have two main issues with this abuse of language; firstly that much of it is transparently nonsense (and therefore untrue) and secondly that it wastes my time. Read more…